Nepeña Valley


The Nepeña Valley is located in the department of Ancash, in north-central Peru. The Jimbe river is one of the three main tributaries (the other being the Loco and Salitre branches) of the Nepeña River Valley. These three rivers converge in the Moro pocket, forming the Nepeña, which feeds into the Pacific Ocean near the coastal town of Samanco. Archaeological survey and excavations have previously taken place for the lower Nepeña Valley and Moro pocket, as well as along the Salitre and Loco Rivers. To date however, archaeological research has been lacking past the town of Jimbe. This project aims to fill in gaps in our knowledge of the prehistory of the Nepena River Valley, and is the first professional archaeological investigation in this district.

Past surveys of the valley focused specifically on the lower, middle, and lower portions of the upper valley. The image below is a an image created using the Arc10 GIS software. It includes past survey maps and previously documented site locations. This image was utilized to help revisit and document new sites while on survey in the Caceres District during the summer 2013 field season.



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