Survey Area (Cáceres District)


Located in central Peru, in the department of Ancash, the 2013 field survey  focused on the upper branches of the Nepeña Valley.

The Cáceres District encompasses several river tributaries of the Nepeña  Valley. These tributaries include the Lampanin, Colcap, and Cosma branches,  whose headwaters are located in the Cordillera Negra mountains and flow down  to converge into the Nepeña River just west of the town of Jimbe. The capital of  the district is Jimbe, which served as the base center for the majority of survey  during 2013.


The site of Karecoto, located just outside the small community of Cosma is currently the main focus of the PADCA project. Documented during the 2013 field season, Karecoto is a large ceremonial mound complex which dates at least to the Early Horizon (900-1 BCE). The 2014 season will be the first to excavate and map the components of the site in order to better understand its role in the regional socio-political climate of highland and coastal Ancash during the Early Horizon.


Location of Karecoto, the site of focus for the 2014 field season


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